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Center for Collaborative Innovation

An epicenter of collaborative learning.

center for collobration

Created at the intersection of the five academic schools, the Center for Collaborative Innovation (CCI) will integrate cross-disciplinary scholarship and experiential learning through its three main focus areas: our York Engaged Scholars, Center for Academic Innovation, and Knowledge Park. These projects will enhance the student experience and greater York community, acting as dynamic catalysts and laboratories for project-based learning where industries and students can work together. These initiatives draw on our academic programs and the transformational efforts already established by the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, Graham Innovation Scholars, and Center for Community Engagement. The CCI’s new and highly visible project, the Knowledge Park, will especially support the goals of strengthening local, regional, and national partnerships for job creation and academic excellence.

Project-Based Learning, Evolved

The Knowledge Park, to be located on York College’s North campus, will provide a home base for the internal and external partners who make up the CCI. These partners will foster valuable job creation and learning environments by housing real-world, project-based learning opportunities for York College students. The Park will have a direct and positive impact on both the College community and the greater York economy, attracting and retaining tech ventures and the opportunities they create.

Give Now

“I would not have my current job without the skills I learned while operating a software development business out of the J.D. Brown Center. I am currently a software developer at Orbit Logic, a software company that specializes in space situational awareness software; and I quickly became the lead because of the leadership and technical skills I gained from working out of the JDBC.”

– Kyle Musco ‘17

Investment Opportunities

  • Name the center with a $5 million gift
  • Endow the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Stipends for Community-Minded Programs – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Summer Research Funds – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Summer Fellows – minimum of 25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Graham Scholars Scholarships – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Global Studies – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Student Research Grants – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Innovation Grants – minimum of $25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years
  • Multiple naming opportunities available for the Knowledge Park

A Multifaceted Investment

The CCI includes three central components: the Center for Academic Innovation, the York Engaged Scholars, and the Knowledge Park. These components work together to achieve the strategic goals of the College.

The CCI has evolved naturally from York College’s most distinctive features. Our innovative curricular and co-curricular offerings nurture active, project-based learning and other high-impact educational practices. Our Scholars programs provide students with ways to customize their education and to support their personal and professional success. And our Knowledge Park is a natural next step toward inviting collaboration with business and community leaders. Together, these three components will build upon our status as the anchor educational institution of the region.

The CCI represents both a physical space and concept. Its physical location will enhance opportunities for students and faculty to interact with local businesses and organizations, supporting the York College mission of hands-on learning. As a concept, it will encourage inter-school collaborations and high-impact educational practices that will make York College the school of choice for students seeking an institution that prepares them for “productive and purposeful lives” and which readies them “to compete in dynamic and global environments” (York College Mission and Vision).

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