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Help Students Close the Gap

York College’s scholarship model is one that maximizes financial accessibility for all students. We are committed to making education affordable. We accept students based on their achievements, talents, and promise — not on their family’s financial situation. For this reason, scholarships are our number one priority. The gap between financial aid and what a student can afford could be the difference between earning a degree and giving up on their dream.

Scholarships are our #1 Philanthropic Priority

Last academic year, we distributed approximately $22 million for merit and need-based aid, of which 36% ($8 million) came from endowed funds. Over 97% of our students receive some sort of financial aid, with 94% receiving aid from the College. The average total award is $19,034. Of that amount, an average of $7,358 comes from YCP. Still, we know that, on average, there is a $7,700 gap per student between what they receive and what they can afford.

Give Now

I have worked very hard in school and if it were not for this scholarship, I might not be able to attend college. My family and I feel very blessed for me to have received this scholarship.

– Alyssa Edwards '19

Investment Opportunities

  • Named Scholarship: Undergraduate Student — ANNUAL: a minimum of $2,000 a year for 5 years
  • Named Scholarship: Undergraduate Student — ENDOWED: a minimum of $25,000 payable over 5 years
  • Named Fellowship: Graduate Student — ANNUAL: a minimum of $5,000 a year for 3 years
  • Named Fellowship: Graduate Student — ENDOWED: a minimum of $100,000 payable over 3 years
  • Named Full Scholarship — ANNUAL: a minimum of $32,500 a year for 5 years
  • Named Full Scholarship — ENDOWED: a minimum of $650,000 payable over 5 years

Maintaining Competitive Tuition

Providing access to an education that prepares graduates for productive and purposeful lives is one of York College’s greatest strengths. We offer a private, independent, high-quality college education at a competitive price. Yet, more and more students come to us with limited resources and greater financial need. The gap continues to grow and we have a responsibility to ensure that our students are able to take full advantage of all the College has to offer. Significant growth in scholarship awards makes a bold and profound statement – we will continue to attract and retain exceptional students while maintaining competitive tuition.

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