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Spartan Athletics

YCP field hockey player competes for the ball

York College's student-athletes represent the dedication and discipline necessary to race down a court or across a field, working with teammates to achieve a common (or literal) goal. They strive to reiterate these qualities across other tiers of student life, balancing their academic schedules with their sports commitments. The results of this diligence are fantastic. Over the years, our student-athletes have continued to be one of the most visible and positive elements of York College. Moreover, our ability to compete for conference championships each year and position ourselves for national success inspires student-athletes to reach their full potential in extraordinary and holistic ways. Investments in Spartan athletics include facility opportunities, endowment opportunities, and support of our coaches.

$3 million raised for projects including:

  • Varsity and Club sports
  • Assistant Coach Funds
  • Myers Tennis Courts
  • Spartan Advance
  • Golf Simulator

Being able to play two sports at York College is something I don't take for granted. The relationships I have made with teammates, athletic trainers, and coaching staffs have carried me through my toughest physical and mental challenges. Being involved in both programs has allowed me to grow as an individual in aspects outside of sports. Because I had the opportunity of being a multi-sport Spartan, I not only became a better athlete, but a better person that prioritizes cooperation, dedication and leadership.

– Jenna Cholowinski ‘22