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York Country Day School

College Prep for the Community

York Country Day School (YCDS) prioritizes the excellence of our program and the distinctiveness of our student experience. Our curriculum prepares students for admission to their top-choice colleges and positions them for success after college as they develop skills for lifelong learning and curiosity and engagement in real-world experiences. Fostering these objectives, our faculty, composed of a talented and diverse range of educators, use their leadership and pedagogical mastery to inspire the academic experience of our students. Investments in the York Country Day School include signature programs (Wellness, Steam, Capstone5812, Service Learning, and College Connect), scholarships, faculty and learning support, and innovation grants.

College Connect

Individual and family advisement, classes, and workshops all inform and personalize each student’s college search. Additionally, York Country Day School and York College of Pennsylvania leverage learning opportunities for students through their affiliation and shared resources.

Give Now

I've heard it said that most of the jobs which my second graders will be employed tomorrow, do not exist today. We need to keep challenging our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Your giving allows YCDS to offer students the opportunity to question, explore, and investigate what interests them.

- Christina Ausherman

Investment Opportunites

  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Annual – minimum of $5,000 for 5 years
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Endowed – minimum of $25,000 payable over 5 years
  • YCDS Center for Pedagogical Excellence - $1 million to name
  • Endowed Chair - $500,000 to name
  • Faculty - $250,000 to name
  • Visiting Faculty Scholar - minimum of $250,000 to endow or $12,500 annually for a minimum of 3 years
  • Programmatic Endowment - $250,000 to name with 5 programs available
  • Academic Programs - $250,000 to name with 8 available
  • Innovation Grants – minimum of$25,000 to endow, or $2,000 annually for 5 years


These multifaceted,inquiry-based experiences serve as culminating academic and intellectual projects for students in grades 5, 8, and 12.

Service Learning

Our experiential learning focuses on cycles of action and reflection that enhance communities and their specific needs. York Country Day School’s core values include the promotion and identification of community principles for all in everyday life. Through empathetic ideation, our students partner with outside organizations to create efficiencies through process and hard work. Such volunteer opportunities can truly improve and support the greater York College community with thoughtful and intentional goals.

students walking past York welcome sign

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