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The Campaign for York College has raised $91,800,765.62 to support our Spartan students, important programs that affect both the campus and local communities, and the overall advancement of the College.

It is not enough to simply say thank you to our generous donors, our campaign leaders, and countless numbers of volunteers and supporters. No campaign is about how much money is raised; instead, it is about the effect the campaign has on the institution. So yes, gratitude is essential and important, but we would also like to show you the return on your philanthropic investment. From the beginning, we said that a gift to York College is an investment in your institution and our students.

The campaign began in 2017 and was publicly launched in 2020. In the nearly 250-year history of York College, this was the first comprehensive campaign. What does that mean? York College, and its predecessor institutions, have successfully completed campaigns before, but in the past these campaigns were centered on a single facility or a particular program. The EVOLVE campaign was based on the College’s strategic plan with a goal of raising $50,000,000 in support of the mission of the institution. In 2021, the campaign goal was increased to $70,000,000 as the global pandemic put even more stress on our Spartan Family, and you, our supporters, stepped up to meet this challenge.

The purpose of the EVOLVE campaign was to advance the entire College. This was a big reach, and with your support, we met this goal together.

And now the campaign has ended. What was the result beyond the impressive number above?

When it was launched, the EVOLVE campaign concentrated on seven priorities based on the College’s strategic plan:

• Intercollegiate athletics (over $2.5M raised);
• The Graham Center for Collaborative Innovation (nearly $19M raised);
• Academic Excellence (nearly $29M raised);
• Scholarships (over $19M raised);
• The York College Fund (over $7M raised);
• The York Country Day School (over $10M raised);
• Spartan Commons (nearly $1.5M raised); and

This type of success is not the work of only a few individuals. Every member of the Spartan Family was involved. Over the duration of the campaign, more than 10,000 donors supported EVOLVE. Nearly 1 in 6 of all donations were given by individuals or organizations that had never supported York College before. We number over 35,000 alumni across the country and the world, and of these alumni, 3,500 made contributions to the campaign. And finally, in a true demonstration of commitment, over 500 donors made gifts of $10,000 or more. That is the whole Spartan Family coming together. That is excellence.

I would personally like to thank the campaign cabinet, led ably by co-chairs Tony Campisi and Bill Shipley; the YCP Board of Trustees who not only created the strategic plan for which the campaign was developed, but also supported the campaign with 100% participation; our faculty, administrators, and staff that acted as college champions; our students, who with their enthusiasm made an investment in York College an easy decision; and finally our wonderful college president, Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith, who traveled to all corners of the world to make this campaign a success. Her commitment to the College is unparalleled. No campaign is successful without excellent leadership, and Pamela is the best.

And now, I want to alert you to a very special date on your calendar. Please join the entire campus community in the center of campus for a celebration picnic at noon on April 29, 2023. You will be receiving an invitation soon. This will be a wonderful event where every single donor and their families will be invited to come on campus, meet and interact with our students, learn about the impact of the campaign, and enjoy great food and great fun.

I hope you will spend some time and watch the special campaign video that was emailed to all of you recently. Not only is it a great opportunity to demonstrate the effects of the EVOLVE campaign on the College, it also involves special thank-you messages from students directly affected by the campaign. On the sidebars here are a few examples of these wonderful students and their important messages of gratitude. In addition, President Gunter-Smith will be traveling across the country this spring to meet with groups of alumni and friends to talk more about the effects of the campaign. Please plan on attending.

So many of us are very proud to be Spartans. We know we have grit. We know we have skill. We know we work hard and we have fun. We have something special that binds us: that strong Spartan spirit that can be seen in all we do. EVOLVE was an audacious campaign built on the foundation of a carefully crafted strategic plan that positioned York College for the future. Together, we met this audacious goal head-on and succeeded.

Thank you for your investment in York College of Pennsylvania. Thank you for your support of EVOLVE. You have made a tremendous difference in the lives of Spartans everywhere.